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8 Tips to Get Your Home-Office Ready for Meetings

No matter what you do, customer meetings are hard. They can be stressful and tiring for both the person hosting the meeting and the guest. And if you are having the meeting in your home office, as many of us are doing nowadays, it just adds to the stress.

One way to make it a little easier is by having the right furniture and ambiance in your office space to make everyone feel comfortable, and to convey a professional image. This guide offers guidance on how to decorate your home office so that it's ready for any type of customer meeting, whether in person or online.

  1. Lighting. Natural lighting maximizes productivity, so let in as much as you can. And because it's often not enough, make sure you have plenty of alternative sources of light, especially for online meetings. If you find that you're not clearly visible or looking tired in your virtual calls, think about buying a ring light to up your game.

  2. Furniture. You don't need a lot of furniture, but it should be functional and well taken care of. Make sure that you review all the items you have to see if they're in good shape and, if not, think about replacing them or repairing them. For example, a worn couch can be professionally upholstered to give it a new lease on life, and could last you for many more years. Compare different reupholstery companies in your area by reading their online reviews, and asking for quotes before committing to one. To make your search easier, use the terms “upholstery repair near me” to zero in on top-rated pros.

  3. Personal touches. This can range from having fresh flowers or plants in the room to family photos if you're comfortable with displaying them. Some personal touches will make the room feel warmer and meetings more relaxed.

  4. Display awards or certifications. This will make you and your business look more serious, and the office look more professional. You can also display products that are relevant to your business.

  5. Keep everything neat and tidy. Leave enough time before every meeting to remove clutter and clean, so your clients find a spotless space when they arrive or switch on the cameras for an online session.

  6. Check your background before connecting to a virtual meeting. Ensure that the background you have is appropriate, doesn't show anything confidential, and is visually balanced and pleasing to the eye.

  7. Safety. As we return to normal business, you still want to put your clients' minds at ease that you thought through the safety recommendations for your office. Provide masks if needed, make sure the room is well ventilated, and think about investing in UV light for your ventilation system to kill any airborne germs and viruses.

  8. Contactless. Another safety precaution that is catching on is turning to contactless technology as much as possible. This usually refers to payment services, but other technological solutions might be relevant for your business.

With a few simple tweaks to your home office, you can be more comfortable and confident when holding client meetings. And by putting your clients at ease, you can focus on the essential things, like convincing them to choose you for their business or place that new order!

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-Lucy Reed

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