We are a team of full-time agents, each going to work for you.


• Full-time ®Realtors

• Photographer + Videographer

• 2 Graphic Designers

• Staging Consultant

• 2 Social Media Specialists

• Re-location Specialist

Chase Rackley first began his professional career by establishing a nationally equipped full-scale Digital Marketing agency, Positive Investment, LLC.  With this proficiency, he helped small businesses explode their online success and went on to serve as the Marketing Director / Business Development Manager for Crain Ford Little Rock.  

There, Chase Rackley continued to master the art of constructing fine-tuned internet marketing campaigns via search engine advertising, social media strategy, reputation enhancement, etc. while managing the Internet Sales Department and Business Development Center.  Now with the Rackley team at iRealty Arkansas, Chase Rackley will serve homeowners with a powerful arsenal of ​marketing strategy and sales experience.   


To honor his service at Ouachita Baptist University he received the TigerServe Award, while earning a triple degree of Management, Marketing, and minor in Ministry.  Chase & his wife, Casey Rackley, currently serve as board members of Young Professionals at Easter Seals in Little Rock.  Together, they enjoy leading a young professionals bible study in their home.

Chase Rackley

Broker / Team Leader

Chase Rackley first began his professional career by establishing a nationally equipped full-scale Digital Marketing agency, Rackley Creative.  With this proficiency, he helped small businesses explode their online success, mastering the art of fine-tuned marketing campaigns via search engine advertising, social media strategy, and personalized video strategies.


That’s when Rackley met his mentor, real estate legend Roddy McCaskill, Sr. who Rackley credits heavily for his continued success.  Chase also praises the people of iRealty Arkansas, where he was recruited early-on to become the #1 Agent / Team Leader before finally converting The Rackley Team into Rackley Realty. Now as Rackley Realty, Chase Rackley serves homeowners with a powerful arsenal of ​marketing strategy and sales experience.


To honor his service at Ouachita Baptist University he received the TigerServe Award, while earning a triple degree of Management, Marketing, and Ministry.  Chase currently serves as Alumni Board Member for Little Rock Christian Academy and volunteers as the substitutional music leader for Christ Community Church.  Chase & his wife, Casey Rackley, have three sons - Jack Titus, Cannon Crain, and Rocco Steelman Rackley.  Together, they favor regular family visits to Wildwood Park, Pinnacle Mountain, and the Chenal Country Club.


Call / Text: (501)519-4889

Email: Chase@RackleyTeam.com

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Ramsy Shuffield

Executive Broker / Lead Buyer Specialist

Ramsy Shuffield, a Central Arkansas native, graduated from the University of Central Arkansas studying Environmental Sciences.  While his roots are firmly planted in Central Arkansas, Ramsy spent time in Los Angeles, CA working in the public sector marketing for an environmental sustainability group.  


Active in the Central Arkansas community, and a Little Rock resident since 2014, Ramsy is a member of New Life Church where he serves on the leadership team with the Young Adults ministry.  With a long time interest in housing development, architecture, sustainability and energy efficiency, as well as an adept awareness of community culture, Ramsy looks forward to applying his knowledge and experiences to provide exceptional service and care to those that desire to see the best that the Little Rock area has to offer. 

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Stephanie Caldwell

Realtor / Buyer Specialist

Stephanie Caldwell and her husband, Tim, moved to Little Rock a little over 10 years ago with small children in tow. She knows what it’s like to be a newcomer to Little Rock and learn to appreciate the beauty of the natural state. She has also had the privilege of living in West Little Rock and Midtown, so she has a broad familiarity of the city. She also has a wide-experience-based-knowledge of various schools throughout the city. Stephanie’s insight, honesty, and genuine care for people are strengths that our clients value the most. She thoroughly enjoys serving her clients through the big life changes that moving often represents.


"I chose to work with Chase and the Rackley Team for several reasons. Chase was an easy contact because I’ve known him since he was a teenager. He was a go-getter and entrepreneur at a young age, and that has carried on into adulthood for him. The Rackley Team is a successful and award-winning team of which I want to be a part. They are innovative, motivated, caring, honest, and not afraid to do whatever it takes to serve people well. Chase is a lifelong learner and not afraid to try new things, fit people with their strengths, and work as a team to get the job done. I want to learn all I can from him so that I may be the best at my job and give others the best that I can."


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Regina "Regi" Ott

Client Concierge / Executive Broker

Regi Ott is the Rackley Team's Client Concierge, specializing with serving Buyers in a powerful way.  She's a performer since age 5, pleasing and entertaining people is in her nature. With a B.A. in theater from Hendrix College, great attention to detail, and a strong work ethic, real estate was a natural fit. A Realtor® since 2012, Regi finds first-time homebuyers are often her favorite because of the excitement that comes with buying a first home. Regi also enjoys working with clients who are relocating to the amazing city of Little Rock. 


*Member of National Association of Realtors®, Little Rock Realtors® Association, and Arkansas Realtors® Association 


*Little Rock Realtors® Award of Excellence: 

Bronze 2013 and Silver 2014-2016


*Graduated Cum Laude Hendrix College 1998


*Accredited Buyer's Representative (ABR) Designation

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Leo Sanchez

Realtor / Buyer Specialist


Leo was born and raised in Argentina and moved to the beautiful city of Miami when he was a teenager. During his time in “The Magic City”, he had an opportunity to submerge in the variety of cultures from all over the world, especially from South and Central America and met his lovely Colombian wife, Natalie before moving to Little Rock. Now he has a beautiful family with three children, Agustin (Tin-Tin), Nicolas (Nico) and Camila (Mila).


Having worked in international sales for the last 7 years helping develop relationships with companies all over the world, Leo wants to bring the same passion and dedication into real estate and help making the American Dream true for families, with a heart to specially serve the Hispanic Community in Central Arkansas.


Knowing the heart behind Chase and the Rackley Team vision, the idea to work with a team full of passionate people who would put the needs of their clients first was a no brainer to call Rackley Realty home.

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Victoria Killough

Selling Specialist

Victoria Killough was born & raised in the beautiful Silicon Valley of California where from an early age she grew fascinated with the fast paced city's home building process. There she invested more than ten years developing her career in Residential Construction. During that time she found her passion and exciting curiosity for all corners of the real estate market.


Her professional career has taken Victoria all over the world; from both coasts of the United States to the cobbled stone streets of Italy. Throughout her travels, she's found a greater appreciation for the meaning of "home" and the sweet comfort that "home" brings. Victoria has now placed roots with her husband in the historical Hillcrest of Little Rock.


"I have gained a vast admiration for the sense of community this vibrant city has. I love the process of finding the perfect home for each of my clients. There's truly no place like home."

Swami Kamishetty

Commercial / Selling Specialist

Swami Kamishetty actively volunteers in the community, serves on different committees in the community, a Little Rock resident since 2004. Prior is 2004, Swami was a resident of New Jersey, he says he never misses New Jersey after he moved to Little Rock, AR.


With a passion in real estate, knowledge about the current real estate market trends and awareness of community culture, Swami helps the buyers and sellers in Little Rock to sell or buy their dream home. Swami is a friendly person who goes above and beyond to help the clients, he loves to help people in any way he can.

Taylor Gray

Selling Specialist

Taylor Gray is a lifelong Arkansan who has spent his life in Little Rock with the exception of four years at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville where he received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in Small Business and Entrepreneurship and minor in Marketing. He got his first taste of professional life right out of college in 2013 working in the agricultural sector of real estate with Arkansas Land and Forestry. He decided to make the jump to residential a year ago and loves the ability to work with a higher volume of customers everyday. Taylor is deeply connected to the people of this great state and making sure they are cared for to the best of his ability.


Rackley Realty is an amazing fit for me because I admire Chase’s perfect combination of tenacious business savvy while also having a compassionate servant heart for everyone no matter what their circumstance is!

Bryce Ramey


Bryce Ramey began his professional career selling cars for Superior Automotive Group in Northwest Arkansas. He'll be quick tell you that selling cars was an incredibly valuable experience. In his time selling cars he learned so many real tangible skills from, communication, learning how to serve and fulfill the needs and wants of a customer, actually LISTENING to the customer, how to provide an honest and valuable service, to working long hard hours, gaining new customers, the importance of repeat and referral business, the list could go on and on and on. Bryce states that he LOVED learning these skills and lessons BUT he did not love selling cars. Selling cars did not make him jump out of bed every morning ready to attack the day and do what he loved.


Bryce loves helping and getting to know anyone he can, which sparked his interest in real estate and even more specifically The Rackley Team.  Bryce states "I have known Chase and his family for my entire life and knowing what type of people they are paired with hearing amazing experiences from from friends of mine who have worked with The Rackley Team, I knew that I wanted to be a part of what they were doing."   

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Riley Perkins

Realtor / Selling Specialist

Riley Perkins, a Little Rock native, is a University of Central Arkansas graduate where he studied Marketing and played quarterback on the football team. Upon graduation, a passion for sports and a desire to compete led him to become a coach and teacher at Baptist Prep in Little Rock, where he was the head soccer coach and assistant football coach. Riley is also married to his wife, Annie. Together they are active members of First North Little Rock.


Riley has a long family history in the real estate industry and that fact prompted him to choose this career path. He also loves to work on a team and there is not a more closely-knit team than the Rackley Team. Riley also has worked in videography and social media management so Rackley Realty’s great use of digital media content is what originally grabbed his attention.

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Matt McKay

Realtor / Investor Specialist

Matt McKay is native to Arkansas, and has called Little Rock home for more than 10 years and are proud to be raising their family in Central Arkansas. He has lived in Hillcrest, West Little Rock and Overlook and has an appreciation for the unique characteristics each and every area in Little Rock has to offer. 


Matt credits his Father, Tom McKay, for his passion to serve people. “Inspire people to be happy by serving them with true integrity and a pure heart” is Matt’s motto. Matt has an inviting humility about him, a gifted attention to detail, and honest interest in serving others to be successful. “I choose to work with Chase & the Rackley Team at Rackley Realty because there is a clear overlap of our values,” Matt continues, “Chase Rackley helps me to better serve our clients in invaluable ways”.   


Matt enjoys working on projects and upgrades throughout his house and helping friends with theirs and takes joy in giving all the kids in the neighborhood a great place to play in his family’s yard. 

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Hiedi Mason


Hiedi Mason moved to Little Rock in 2009 to attend the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences College of Pharmacy.  Since graduating with her Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 2013, Hiedi has worked in public service.   After launching Mason Homes, LLC in 2018 with her husband, Jimmy, Hiedi realized that her longtime interest in real estate was something that she wanted to pursue. 


Hiedi originally planned to sell real estate “on the side” before she accidentally met the Rackley Team.  Hiedi fell in love with the Rackley Team’s marketing approach as well as their passion for real estate, strong core values, and eagerness to serve others to the best of their ability.  She knew immediately that she wanted to be a part of this team!  Hiedi is excited to bring her attention to detail and knowledge of customer service to the Rackley Team, and is looking forward to helping her clients have an amazing experience buying/selling homes.  


In her free time, Hiedi enjoys traveling and spending time outside with her husband, Jimmy, and son, Rowan.  Hiedi enjoys helping others whether that be at the pharmacy, in a real estate transaction, or just in the normal day to day.  

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Allison Headshot.jpg
Allison Martin

Realtor / Buyer Specialist

Allison Martin began her professional career as a Project Manager with AT&T Global Project Management before leaving the corporate world to search for an opportunity that allowed her to find passion in her work, while growing alongside people who help contribute to the well-being and happiness of others. Allison’s interest in real estate began when she and her husband flipped their starter home and sold it as someone else’s forever home.


Allison strives to make genuine connections with everyone she meets. She focuses on applying her personal touch, creativity, and go-getter attitude to everything she does, and looks forward to using those skills to help homeowners from all walks of life find their perfect home.


Allison was born and raised in Central Texas before moving to Oklahoma to attend the University of Oklahoma, graduating with a degree in Sociology. She and her husband, Hunter (a Central Arkansas native) moved to Arkansas in April 2020 to be closer to family, with three dogs and a cat in tow. Allison also has a stepdaughter and finds immense fulfillment and joy in being a “bonus-mom.”

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Kimberly Beane

Realtor / Savings For Stars Support Specialist

Kimberly Beane is a Little Rock native who graduated from the University of Central Arkansas in 2012 with a BA in International Relations and subsequently commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army via UCA's ROTC program. 


Kimberly served four consecutive years in the Army as one of the first female Field Artillery Officers and was stationed in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, Fort Hood, Texas, and Camp Casey, South Korea. During her time in the military, she developed a tremendous desire to serve others in an international context. In 2017 Kimberly moved to Madrid, Spain, where she taught English as a Second Language for two years. 


Now that she’s back in her hometown, Kimberly is eager to apply her familiarity of veterans and their relocation needs to the world of real estate, and is serving as the Savings for Stars support specialist for the Rackley Team.

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