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Congratulations | Let's Do This!

Congratulations | Let's Do This!



Now that we are Under Contract, I wanted to walk us through the next steps​.


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Top 5 Next Things To-Do​






Your​ Inspection​

Choose an inspector and schedule for them to come at a time where you could ideally be there towards his completion. Any time works for me, as I can make myself available (or at least have someone be there) to provide access to your new home.


​We have 10 Business Days from the going under contract day to provide our response to the inspection report which may include ​our repair​ requests.  When working to choose which necessary repairs we might should request, I recommend focusing on ​economical and/or safety concerns relevant to 

the ​Sexy Six









​If there is an issue with one of these ​six areas of the house, the seller should consider addressing those items at their expense​ - if the deal allows​. W​e can review the report together and strategically request any potentially necessary repairs.  Here are a few home inspectors that have come highly recommended to us and have served many of our other favorite clients:

Wayne Pace

Authentic Home Inspections


Phone: (501) 664-7233



Dennis Evans

GQ Home Inspections


Phone: (501) 227-9450



Barrett Moon

H​ome Buyers Protection


Phone: (501) 227-6527



2. Setup Home Insurance

Within the next 10 business days, please 

​connect with / choose your preferred agent to setup insurance on your awesome new home. As soon as you decide, please let me know whom you've chosen. If you're interested in shopping for a potentially better deal, here are two agents who have come highly recommended to me

Jeff Jones


Phone: (501) 529-9552

Ben Haynes
Stephens, Inc.

Phone: (501) 377-3427


​3. ​

Setup Utilities
Use this checklist as a guide to help setup your utilities. 

I recommend setting up utilities for the day of closing, unless we have a delayed occupancy addendum in place, at which point they should be set to transfer on​ the ​day that occupancy is transferred.


1. Electricity: Call Entergy at 1-800-ENTERGY or go to their website here.
2. Gas: Call CenterPoint Energy at 800-992-7552 or go to their website here.
3. Water: Call Central Arkansas Water at (501)210-4910 or go to their website here. You can also email them at: .
4. Termite and/or Pest Control
5. Trash & Recycling: Call 311 or go to their website here.

You may also want to discontinue and/or transfer your TV, Internet, Cable, etc. Here's a little list of who else you might ​consider ​contact​ing

4. Final Walkthrough


​We will want to do ​our​ final walkthrough before closing to confirm​ that​ no additional damage ​has ​occurred and that all the potentially agreed repairs have been ​accomplished




​Let's Close!


You will receive a calendar invite to close, which will include the time and location for us to close! 

Please let me know if you have any questions at all.  

​I want you to be  COMPLETELY SATISFIED with your experience.


Let's do this,


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