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Now that we are Under Contract, I wanted to walk us through the next steps​.


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Top 5 Next Things To-Do​






Your​ Inspection​

Choose an inspector and schedule for them to come at a time where you could ideally be there towards his completion. Any time works for me, as I can make myself available (or at least have someone be there) to provide access to your new home.


​We have 10 Business Days from the going under contract day to provide our response to the inspection report which may include ​our repair​ requests.  When working to choose which necessary repairs we might should request, I recommend focusing on ​economical and/or safety concerns relevant to 

the ​Sexy Six









​If there is an issue with one of these ​six areas of the house, the seller should consider addressing those items at their expense​ - if the deal allows​. W​e can review the report together and strategically request any potentially necessary repairs.  Here are a few home inspectors that have come highly recommended to us and have served many of our other favorite clients:

Wayne Pace

Authentic Home Inspections


Phone: (501) 664-7233

Email: wayne@authentic-inspection.com


Dennis Evans

GQ Home Inspections


Phone: (501) 227-9450

Email: dennis@gqinspectionservice.com


Barrett Moon

H​ome Buyers Protection


Phone: (501) 227-6527

Email: homebuyersprotection@gmail.com


2. Setup Home Insurance

Within the next 10 business days, please 

​connect with / choose your preferred agent to setup insurance on your awesome new home. As soon as you decide, please let me know whom you've chosen. If you're interested in shopping for a potentially better deal, here are two agents who have come highly recommended to me

Jeff Jones


Phone: (501) 529-9552
Email: jeffarthurjones@allstate.com

Ben Haynes
Stephens, Inc.

Phone: (501) 377-3427
Email: ben.haynes@stephens.com


​3. ​

Setup Utilities
Use this checklist as a guide to help setup your utilities. 

I recommend setting up utilities for the day of closing, unless we have a delayed occupancy addendum in place, at which point they should be set to transfer on​ the ​day that occupancy is transferred.


1. Electricity: Call Entergy at 1-800-ENTERGY or go to their website here.
2. Gas: Call CenterPoint Energy at 800-992-7552 or go to their website here.
3. Water: Call Central Arkansas Water at (501)210-4910 or go to their website here. You can also email them at: newservice@carkw.com .
4. Termite and/or Pest Control
5. Trash & Recycling: Call 311 or go to their website here.

You may also want to discontinue and/or transfer your TV, Internet, Cable, etc. Here's a little list of who else you might ​consider ​contact​ing

4. Final Walkthrough


​We will want to do ​our​ final walkthrough before closing to confirm​ that​ no additional damage ​has ​occurred and that all the potentially agreed repairs have been ​accomplished




​Let's Close!


You will receive a calendar invite to close, which will include the time and location for us to close! 

Please let me know if you have any questions at all.  

​I want you to be  COMPLETELY SATISFIED with your experience.


Let's do this,


Matt Lamb (left) serves as iRealty's part owner & Master of Marketing. He says, “Awesome is something we’re creating at iRealty Arkansas. We place emphasis and thought on the true meaning of that word. Our philosophy is that by surrounding ourselves with first class Realtors and providing them with effective support, their clients receive the best service possible, which, in the end, is our top priority.”


Sarah Rector (middle), principal broker and part owner of iRealty Arkansas, has experience spanning a decade. “We're thankful for the initial success at iRealty Arkansas, and I believe that will continue as long as we keep the Golden Rule mentality. We’ll always keep our word, and continue to provide innovative and focused support to our agents and clients. Buying a home is the true American Dream and we look forward to spreading that experience across the great state of Arkansas.”


Erik Bailey (right) serves as our Chief of Finances. He says, “Most 8 year olds don't have career goals, but I remember clearly around that time knowing I wanted to follow in my father's footsteps. There was never anything else I wanted to do.” "Initially, we thought technology would be our flagship. Although it is an important piece of the puzzle, improving the quality of life for both our agents and clients is our purpose,” he says.